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A growing passion to see a grassroots or civil society organisations flourish

At Sohna Global Enterprise, understand the need to grow the capacities and increased efficiency of NGOs in Africa for greater impact to help address global issues affecting the continent. Our services are core to support these efforts. 


GrantManager is a server based and cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning software solution endowed with excellent financial management capabilities that provides grantee with a host of features and functionality to ensure donor compliance and timely reporting. GrantManager will give you everything you need to handle and track all your expenses monitored with an impressive internal control functionality.

The solution allows all members to collaborate on projects and plan for effective project implementation. The GrantManagers’ dashboard will give you a preview of your grantee’s incomes and expenditures and much more.


By developing their capacities through the training, members of civil society organizations who are the funded recipients will also widen their knowledge in Financial Management for CSOs.

All organisations grow in size and stature and this often demands for an improved financial system to deal with the growth and inevitables that come with it.

Sohna supports the CSO community with Financial Systems that enables this.


Training participants will acquire the basics of financial management for CSOs concerning accounting principles, monitoring revenues and expenses, analyzing budgets, interpreting financial statements and reports, defining strategies and make decisions concerning resource generation and investments, as well as preparing financial planning and budgeting.


Sohna provides services in the financial management of projects, and will train and support the client in its fiscal accountability responsibilities including financial management and reporting. We will provide professional services for fiscal management and funds control such as budgeting, financial management, internal controls, accounting, disbursements, financial reporting, and account reconciliation to ensure the proper, efficient, effective, and transparent use of the funds to be provided under the Program.


Understanding Fund Management in the African Context

Sohna is a part of Purple Leaf Global which supports Civil Society in Africa in financial management objectives. We bring a broad range of experience and talent, a rich history of innovation and passion, and a growing reputation for high quality services across NGO sector.