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We at Sohna understand that clarity, accountability and transparency are crucial underlying principles in the fund management of Civil Society Organisations in Africa and across the world if meaningful change, impact and sustainability are to be realised. This understanding has necessitated our efforts to strengthen both the human capital and institutional capacities of the African Civil Society Organisations to respond better to their common concerns, and to excel beyond their mission and whilst enabling sustainability through sound fund management.

With one eye on impacting our communities, our financial sustainability program for CSOs is one of many significant efforts to meet these ends and provide a firm bridge between funders and their local partners to ultimately reach and transform the most vulnerable societies. Through partnerships, homegrown research and mutual learning, we hope to improve performance, accountability and impact in global development in the best way possible.


Sohna G.E

Capacity building through financial management

“Much has been written about capacity building but little on how to use financial management to build capacity. Donors are increasingly requiring their non-profit beneficiaries to have sound financial systems before they will provide funds.” 


John Cammack


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About Sohna G.E

Sohna. GE is the registered name of Purple Leaf Global (PLG), South Africa whose work seeks to provide innovative and scalable enterprise solutions earmarked for community-based organizations, sub-grantee and grantees in Southern Africa and beyond.  Sohna works with fund recipients to be financially-transparent, offer diversity and equity and showcase their mission and work in the best way possible. Sohna provides technology, technical support and expertise to these groups.

Founded by an NGO fund management professional who brings in 16 years’ experience of fund management for NGOs and CBOs having worked and served a leading CSO serving at management and board levels for 14 years before taking up consultancy. In individual capacities the directors have successfully managed several donor fund portfolios by well recognized funders. Sohna bridges Technology, International Development and Fund Management to scale up CSO capacities.