Achieve amazing efficiencies and enhance the project field and office staff collaboration with Sohna G.E’s Grant Management software that ensures grantee will succeed, grow and expand beyond expectations.

A user-friendly solution for small to medium sized CSOs, which is easy to navigate with an easy set-up for adjusting personal settings and features 


Outstanding solutions for Diversified Funding

All funders are unique and come with contrasting requirement and oftentimes respond differently to the common issues. The Grant Manager solution for CSOs was designed having one eye on this function and  incorporated pertinent features that enable excellent management of multiple and diversified funding. 


Other Services

Sohna provides essential services to recipients, grantees and sub-grantees at grassroots and community levels. We also provide funders and funding agencies with support services in financial management for their partners.

Fiscal Agency

As a fiscal agent Sohna, acts on behalf of another party to perform various financial duties and other finance-related tasks achieve its mission and set goals.


Capacity Building Training in FM for CSOs

Generic and tailor-made trainings to the specific needs and requirements of funders and their partners – including monitoring programs


Software products for grassroots CSOs

Outstanding and intelligent Resource Planning software that is specifically designed to automate, manage, analyze; process and store information and data of CSOs. 

Pre-Award Assessments & Due Diligence

Sohna provides potential funders or grantees with findings and recommendations by way of a Risk assessment of the capacity of a grantee.


For Greater Efficiency.
For Improved Internal Control.

Simplify and accelerate your project with Sohna’s intelligent Grant-Manager software bringing together real-time accessibility, compliance, internal control, task management, timely reporting, payments and much more..